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The Messenger

     Bonnie Biersack, a young and pretty diplomat, receives a mysterious e-mail message imploring her to expose the hidden agenda in an Israeli agreement she has been working on since being unexpectedly transferred to the State Department from the White House. A hidden agenda she knows nothing about. She finds herself, and another diplomat, Patrick Rubin, someone with more than a romantic interest in her, embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy that began years ago at a New England prep school. She uncovers a 40 year-old plan which, in effect, could further destabilize the Middle East. And the plan, under the manipulation of the Archbishop of Washington, DC, Joseph Cardinal Mendoza, a man with enormous family wealth, permeates the highest levels of the U.S. government. Although too late, she learns that Patrick had more of a hand in uncovering the conspiracy. A connection that went right to the Oval Office. And, at the same time, she learns the identity of the real messenger. 

     Homicide Detective, Katie Hickey ends up with the case from hell when she is pitted against her parish priest, Monsignor Vincent Pallone, and one of her former elementary school teachers, Sister Mary Redemptor, in a mystery involving the disappearance of a novitiate nun. A single mom with strong pro-life convictions, and who once thought her choice was accepted by her spiritual elders, finds a more horrifying story behind these two individuals involving their distant past, and a local abortion clinic. Along with Shane Williams, an old flame and charming Deputy Virginia Commonwealths' Attorney, she uncovers another unexplained mystery involving yet another novitiate nun, a story more horrifying than she could have imagined. Along the way, she fights to hold a special secret from Shane, but perhaps deep down, yearns to make it known. 


     Melissa Callen's life is turned inside out as the newly elected Vice President of the United States finds herself the victim of a ruthless conspiracy. The President is assassinated on November 22 in Dallas, and Melissa's evil twin sister, Linda, is sworn into office as President. The "real" Veep fights off the effects of a psychotic drug, getting herself to the office of a psychiatrist in Dallas, but not before Secret Service Assistant Director, Jack Connolly, who accompanies the President and Veep to Dallas that day, finds her roaming a residential neighborhood street. Their journey back to Washington, DC is fraught with set-backs as two "assassins" assigned to take her out bring along the shrinks' sometimes office helper, a patient with lots of "psychotic" baggage, who humorously, but mistakenly foils each attempt to capture Melissa. We learn that the conspiracy goes to the highest levels of the White House and United States Senate, while including several dragon slayers from the Far East. But, in the end, it's Melissa's ancient mother who is confronted with the task of identifying her two daughters. And the reason Melissa has worn a special "shamrock" logo-ed  ball cap as part of a disguise throughout the story.  
​The Monticello Protocol

     For Jake Podesta common sense, and his historical hero figure, Thomas Jefferson, give him the moral strength to battle the evil plans of the gun lobby, a group that consistently fails to fully understand the true ideals and expression of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. That amendment supposedly granting the "...right to bear arms..." for all Americans. A group whose main objective is to obscure the full intent of the "Second" giving it justification where it was not meant to justify.
     Jake, a successful Internet millionaire, yet again faces tragedy in his life, the result of hand gun violence. The result being the death of his daughter, Barbara, at a time in his life when he has just successfully sold his Internet business to Microsoft for a huge amount of money, and not that long after losing his wife to breast cancer, turns the highly intelligent business man to revenge and devious mischief, using proceeds from his new found wealth. All, however, in an attempt to further his personal cause, the Safe America Foundation, dedicated to the absolute control of hand guns by responsible authorities, first in Virginia, then across America. But his plans put him on a collision course with a powerful Virginia State Senator, E.C. "Bobby" Roberts, Jr., whose Senate Militia and Police Committee is joined at the hip with the all-powerful gun lobby. This relationship sets up a suspense-filled thriller involving the treacherous gun lobby personnel, a mysterious woman, a Police Captain, and an old pal of Jake's from high school in the Bronx, the reputed gangster, Tommy Costello who plays a role in seeking revenge against Miles Mulderick, a famous Soap Opera TV star, someone linked to Barbara's death.
         As the tension builds, we find it's the deadly "click" associated with flipping the safety off on a hand gun that resolves Jake's quest for justice. 
Chapter Excerpts
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Chapter 1

        Elected for a second term, and in the mold of his hero, Ronald Reagan, President Giordan plans a second term to be a-political, as he continues on his quest to expose the short-comings of politicians, including his new Vice President.
She’s been a headline grabber since the convention. Outspoken, motivated, and determined to make a difference, largely in the style of Sarah Palin, her personal heroine.
        Her experience as Governor of Virginia, a major east coast swing state that had been solidly Republican for eons, honed her talents to perfection. It was her leadership skills that rocketed her to the top of the list when Giordan and the party had to find the best qualified candidate for the Veep spot.
        But today President Giordan has put aside his personal feelings towards the Vice President, joining her to solemnly commemorate the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.
        And to do so in Dallas, Texas.

Chapter 3

       JACK CONNOLLY is my name and it’s likely you may know me. 
       Being involved in a rather dicey National Security problem about a year and a half ago, I ended up being flung into my current position. I’m Assistant Director of the Secret Service, and presently assigned as the SAC for the Vice President’s detail. Usually an Agent in a lofty position like mine would not be here. I should be back in my push office in the West Wing. 
       By the way, my office just happens to be smaller than my mother’s shoe closet. 
       But I’m not complaining.
       Right now I’m in the Westin Hotel lobby dressed in my skimpy running shorts, stretching my well-toned muscles. I’m about to take an early morning run around a fancy Dallas neighborhood before getting my detail pulled together for the day.
        I’ve chosen the hotel lobby to do my stretches for one reason.
        Her name is Erin Weaver, and she works at the reception desk.
        And she’s gorgeous.
        Probably not a day over twenty two. But, I’m not into age differences. 
        So what if I’m almost twice her age?
        The real problem, however, is I seem to be the focus of attention from a bellhop I met yesterday when I checked in. According to his shiny brass name tag he’s Biff from Fire Island, New York. 
        And he’s wearing a pair of cute Prada shoes.
        And he keeps giving me the big eye.
        Now, being from Long Island, where Fire Island is located, I can say with authority, but certainly not experience, that Fire Island is, shall we say, kind of a “special” place.
        While it has a beautiful beach perfect for long walks with that special someone – and I say this only from what I’ve read in travel brochures – walking on the beach at Fire Island should never involve stopping to bend over to pick up a pretty sea shell. If you get my drift.
     I have time for a longer than usual jog this morning as the various detail commanders already reported in to me an hour ago. The final preparation for the President and Vice President’s attendance at the JFK memorial in Dealey Plaza is as tight as a drum.
       While I’m comfortable with the reports I have some concern for the Vice President’s staff that has accompanied her to Dallas. She, by the way, is sound asleep up in room 630 surrounded by several Agents.
       They’re an odd bunch bent on over-protecting the Veep, keeping her at arm’s length from everyone. 
       Margaret Wise is the leader. Tough, unforgiving, and a heart made of ice. If she has a heart. Most folks around the White House, sometimes including the President, avoid her at any cost.