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The President's Audacious Re-election Scheme
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     COUNTERPOINT – is, as they say “out there,” i.e. in Hollywood, “the West Wing meets the Hunt for Red October” – written in the brilliant satirical style of Dave Barry combined with the authentic drama style of Nelson DeMille, COUNTERPOINT is a high stakes political drama that collides with the often satirical, yet insightful mind set of the main character, Commander Jack Connolly. A thirty something guy who’s single, extremely bright, and, by his own admission, a babe magnet. He is a submariner, re-assigned to the White House by an Admiral out at Pearl Harbor, someone with a sense of humor. A re-assignment the result of an “incident” at sea involving a Russian submarine.  Jack devotes his weekends at Camp Peary in Virginia analyzing Intel on submarines operated by enemies of the U.S. However, most of the time he’s analyzing Lieutenant j.g. Lauren Miller. She’s a captivating, young, gorgeous chick with a well-toned body, every inch of which is known by Jack. And also, perhaps the brightest Intel officer in the Navy. At least Jack thinks so. That is, about the first part. 
     Working together on Labor Day weekend they uncover a retired Oscar Class Russian submarine in the Persian Gulf region, but manned by North Koreans. Jack’s quick, astute analysis determines the ship could not possibly be run by North Koreans, but is run by Russians, perhaps former Russian submariners. They also fix the ships location heading into the Red Sea. But not so sure as the tail the U.S. Navy put on the sub when it left the Sea of Japan was mysteriously pulled-off when the ship got to the Persian Gulf region. There’s only 48 hours for Jack Connolly to pull all the puzzle pieces together. Later, Jack joins the President and selected members of the President’s inner circle for the annual Labor Day picnic at Camp David in Maryland where he passes off his report on the renegade sub. It’s here that Jack is met by his boss, the lovely, yet shrewd Ms. Eiko Narita, National Security Advisor to the President, Donald Giordan. She shows only little interest in the report. But her questions about events in the Seychelles’ Islands in the Indian Ocean momentarily surprise Jack. He suspects she’s someone with a very private agenda, and also someone who has a questionable professional relationship with the Director of Central Intelligence, Simon Unger. Both individuals give Jack pause for further concern about our National Security apparatus. 
     As Simon Unger manipulates events from behind the scenes at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, the ambitious Lt. j.g. Lauren Miller has managed to hack into the most secure facilities within the U.S. government. And, according to Jack, by knowing how to do it she has violated every known law involving computer hacking. A problem Jack fantasizes as both being cast away into the witness protection program on a clothing optional Island in the South Pacific. Anyway, she uncovers a web of deceit and lies, as well as unclear instructions given to an operative of the CIA who is somewhere unknown.  
      Instructions that may include the implementation of a Presidential executive order known in the spook world as “Tombstone,” an assassination directive.
     Tensions that flare at the White House, the Pentagon, and the CIA are further complicated by the arrival at the West Wing of a very nervous Gideon Margolies, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States who has his own take on the mission of the renegade sub. The President, seemingly concentrating on the renegade submarine and what cargo it could be carrying, much to Jack Connolly’s disbelief is still determined to move forward with his re-election campaign scheduled to kick-off the day after Labor Day. Jack and his friend, Secret Service Agent Lawrence Mitchener, are not only focused on the mystery of the renegade submarine but another pesky little problem.
     Former Marine Corps General Seth Greene, Vice President of the United States, has vanished.

count-ter-pointn. contrasting, but parallel events; events combined in order to establish a relationship while retaining their unique individuality;
And the Unthinkable Use of Political Power
Available in paperback, 344 pages, or on Kindle

       The President of the United States, Donald Giordan, is assassinated on November 22, 2013 in Dallas, Texas attending a commemorative event at Dealey Plaza on the 50th anniversary of the JFK slaying.
       And the Vice President of the United States, Melissa Callen, a 42 year old eye-catching former Governor of Virginia, and single mom, suddenly finds herself on the run in a state of temporary amnesia, unknowingly the victim of a ruthless conspiracy. A conspiracy in the making since Melissa’s election as the Vice President one year earlier. And a conspiracy lead by the person closest to the Veep, her Chief of Staff, Margaret Wise. A woman whose personal agenda includes not just a burning desire for power using her connections and sexual conquests, but to put the Constitution’s 25th amendment, the one that spells out the line of succession, front and center, on her terms.
       The plan is activated in the early hours of November 22 in Dallas. But to Margaret’s astonishment, the Veep has vanished from her hotel room, no doubt the result of Melissa Callen’s Secret Service detail, momentarily, but unintentionally fumbling during a change in staff assignments.  
       Melissa’s wicked identical twin sister, Linda, is sworn into office.
       While Melissa is in the throes of fighting off the effects of a psychotic drug with the help Dr. Andres Devendorf, a handsome and resourceful psychiatrist, our hero from COUNTERPOINT, Jack Connolly, now Assistant Director of the Secret Service, finds himself misguidedly in Dr. Devendorf’s office starring at a woman whom he mistakes for the Veep’s twin sister, Linda. 
       After Jack discovers her true identity, he and Andres work to get Melissa secretly back to Washington, DC from Dallas, but along the way battle one life-threatening hurtle after another as they are stalked by assassins assigned to take her out ID’d as- Henning and Pellicane, a/k/a twiddle dee and twiddle dumb, and a one man assault force, a very dangerous fella named Howie. However, their mission to capture Melissa is routinely and humorously foiled by a fourth player, Julia, a mental patient from Devendorf’s office, someone who’s not tightly wrapped.
       The conspiracy goes to the White House and the Senate, including Iranian terrorists sent by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and is uncovered by Melissa’s Secret Service detail chief, Agent Phil Dimarco.
       Phil gets Linda, Agents of the Secret Service and FBI to Charlottesville, Virginia, and the home of Melissa and Linda’s wealthy, ancient mother, Melinda Callen.
       And it’s here, when Melissa, Andres and Jack suddenly appear, where true identities are put to the test.