Deep cover one-on-one last week: Benghazi about to explode! : Presidential Election
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Deep cover one-on-one last week: Benghazi about to explode!

by M. Charles McBee on 12/22/13

December, 2013


Meeting with one of my deep cover intel contacts in Washington, DC:


Researching my latest novel, THE SODALITY, with the objective of it being optioned by one of the big dogs  in the movie biz  “out there,” a/k/a, LA, not unlike several original screenplays I’ve written since 1998, I decided it was time for another one-on-one with a key intel contact, now positioned with a sub-contractor in the DC metro area.


While the thrust and direction of my novels take a swipe at the political shenanigans that seem to take precedence over “regular order” business inside the beltway, I take fictional liberty with actual events that happen inside the West Wing, and up on the “Hill.”


During the course of the conversation, regarding several fictional characters, including a White House aide and a senior Senator, and their relationship to the President and the Archbishop of Washington, DC, a relationship that travels back in time almost 40 years, I suggested to my contact, and former college roomie, that I wanted to include a larger Middle East suspense angle to the story, and bring in the consequences of making “political” decisions in advance of a national election.


This premise proved to be successful in my novel, COUNTERPOINT.


This is when the BENGHAZI floodgates opened. And we took an immediate sharp turn away from THE SODALITY. And focused on Congressman Issa’s investigation into the Benghazi tragedy, i.e., four Americans murdered, including the first U.S. Ambassador to be murdered by armed enemies of the U.S. since the Carter Administration in the late 70’s.


The explosive part to come in a few days.


Stay tuned!    


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